EpipolarNVS: leveraging on Epipolar geometry for single-image Novel View Synthesis

Gaétan Landreau (Meero-CEA),* Mohamed Tamaazousti (CEA Saclay)
The 33rd British Machine Vision Conference


Novel-view synthesis (NVS) can be tackled through different approaches, depending on the general setting: a single source image to a short video sequence, exact or noisy camera pose information, 3D-based information such as point clouds etc. The most challenging scenario, the one where we stand in this work, only considers a unique source image to generate a novel one from another viewpoint. However, in such a tricky situation, the latest learning-based solutions often struggle to integrate the camera viewpoint transformation. Indeed, the extrinsic information is often passed as-is, through a low-dimensional vector. It might even occur that such a camera pose, when parametrized as Euler angles, is quantized through a one-hot representation. This vanilla encoding choice prevents the learnt architecture from inferring novel views on a continuous basis (from a camera pose perspective). We claim it exists an elegant way to better encode relative camera pose, by leveraging 3D-related concepts such as the epipolar constraint. We, therefore, introduce an innovative method that encodes the viewpoint transformation as a 2D feature image. Such a camera encoding strategy gives meaningful insights to the network regarding how the camera has moved in space between the two views. By encoding the camera pose information as a finite number of coloured epilines, we demonstrate through our experiments that our strategy outperforms vanilla encoding.



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