AssocFormer: Association Transformer for Multi-label Classification

Xin Xing (University of Kentucky),* Chong Peng (Qingdao University), Yu Zhang (University of Kentucky), Ai-Ling Lin (MU-Radiology), Nathan Jacobs (Washington University in St. Louis)
The 33rd British Machine Vision Conference


The goal of multi-label image classification is to predict a set of labels for a single image. Recent work has shown that explicitly modeling the co-occurrence relationship between classes is critical for achieving good performance on this task. State-of-the-art approaches model this using graph convolutional networks, which are complex and computationally expensive. We propose a novel, efficient association module as an alternative. This is coupled with a transformer-based feature-extraction backbone. The proposed model was evaluated using two standard datasets: MS-COCO and PASCAL VOC. The results show that the proposed model outperforms several strong baseline models.



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