BIO-CC: Biologically inspired color constancy

Oguzhan Ulucan (Universität Greifswald),* Diclehan Ulucan (Universität Greifwald), Marc Ebner (Universität Greifswald)
The 33rd British Machine Vision Conference


The human visual system unconsciously discounts the illumination of the scene. This is called color constancy. Color constancy and color illusion perception are two phenomena that might help us reveal unknown mechanisms of human perception. A computational color constancy model based on biological findings, which can be fooled by color illusions similar to the human visual system might be the key to figure out how the brain arrives at a color constant descriptor. Therefore, in this study, a color constancy model following the hierarchical structure of the color perception mechanism of the human vision system is proposed. This system can also reproduce the response of the human visual system to color assimilation illusions. Focal and peripheral vision, the retinotopy structure, the response of the double-opponent cells, and the saliency map of the visual cortex are taken into account during modelling. Even though the algorithm is not fully optimized yet, according to the experimental results the proposed method demonstrates competitive performance on a well-known color constancy benchmark.



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