Contrastive Learning for Controllable Blind Video Restoration

Givi Meishvili (Computer Vision Group - Computer Science Department - University of Bern), Abdelaziz Djelouah (Disney Research),* Shinobu Hattori (Disney), Christopher Schroers (DisneyResearch|Studios)
The 33rd British Machine Vision Conference


A lot of progress has been made since the first neural network models were trained for specific image restoration tasks, such as super-resolution and denoising. Recently multi-degradation models have been proposed, allowing for user control of the restoration process needed for real-world applications. However, this aspect is most powerful if the initial restoration can be done as best as possible in a blind setting. In parallel to this line of work, other methods can target the blind setting where, for example, in the case of super-resolution, the blur kernel is estimated for conditioning the restoration part. In particular, discriminative learning has played a key role in pushing the state of the art. Still, the learned representation cannot be interpreted or manipulated and remains a black box that doesn't offer any possibility for user-guided correction. This work addresses those issues through a representation learning pipeline that helps separate content from degradation by reasoning on pairs of degraded patches. The degradation representation is used as conditioning for a video restoration model that can denoise and upscale to arbitrary resolutions and remove film scratches. Finally, the learned representation can be mutated to fine-tune the restoration results. We demonstrate state-of-the-art results compared to the most recent video super-resolution and denoising methods.



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